The Altmuehl Cycle Path

Even though the source of the Altmuehl is located a few kilometres away in the Franconian Jura, the majority of tours on the Altmühl Cycle Path begin in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. As the name suggests, the medieval town which is world famous is idyllically located above the Tauber River. The town is one of the most important destinations for fans of culture and is rightly so one of the highlights in Germany for American and Japanese tourists. Nowhere else can you experience the Middle Ages in Germany like in Rothenburg ob der Tauber!

The Altmühl Valley Cycle Path leaves the small Franconian town and heads in an easterly direction in the direction of Colmberg. At first the route is somewhat hilly. En route you will pass a small lake from where you can take a detour to the source of the Altmühl. Ansbach with its Margravian buildings is definitely worth a visit if you are not already overnighting there.  Returning to follow along the Altmühl, you will cycle at a leisurely pace along the young river through meadows and pastoral landscapes towards the Franconian Lake District. After passing Treuchtlingen the landscape abruptly changes. The Altmühl cuts a deep valley here into the soft sandstone of the Franconian Jura and excites nature lovers and others alike:  12 impressive dolomite cliff-faces in a loop on the river resemble the Twelve Apostles. Near Dollnstein the valley turns into the valley of the ancient Danube River. Thousands of years ago  the Danube ran through this valley, as at that time the river had not yet cut through the limestone rock near Weltenburg.

Eichstätt excites lovers of culture: the university town is famous for its baroque townscape.  Continuing on through the winding Altmühl Valley you will pass Kinding in the direction of the Danube. The towns of Beilngries and Riedenburg with their narrow streets and impressive castles vie for the attention of visitors. In Kelheim, the Altmühl, which has now to share its valley with the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, reaches the Danube.  From here you should not miss the opportunity of a boat trip upriver towards the Danube Gorge.  In a curve of the river the famous Weltenburg Monastery awaits you with its even more famous beer garden. Culture and nature, beer and Baroque come together here and you should not miss the opportunity of sampling the beer from the oldest monastic brewery in the world.

If the tour along the Altmühl cycle path were an operatic composition, then the boat trip through the wild Danube Gorge near Kelheim would be the final act!  But wait!– Regensburg  is yet to be discovered: a stroll through the best preserved large town in Germany is like a trip back in time through all the various epochs starting with the Romans.

Our cycling trips along the Altmuehl

The classic Altmühl cycling tour takes you from Rothenburg to Regensburg in six stages. Although the cycling trips on the first and last days are not strictly on the Altmühl Valley cycle path, this week long tour is really a gem due to its twin highlights of Rothenburg and Regensburg. You also have the option of requesting an extension of your trip either at the end of the trip and continuing along the Lower Bavarian section of the Danube towards Passau or at the start of the trip by starting out in the pastoral Tauber valley. These options are perfect for those cyclists with time on their hands and are a great variation of the classic tour.

For lovers of round trips, we offer the tour The best of the Danube and the Altmühl which is a magical cycling trip along the Danube cycle path including a boat trip to the Danube Gorge. Near Ingolstadt this cycling trip follows the route of the ancient Danube valley (Wellheimer Valley), and then near Dollnstein follows along the most beautiful section of the Altmühl. The start and end point of the 6 night tour is the beautiful town of Regensburg, which is also worth a third overnight stay.

A round trip through the Altmühl Valley Nature Park is recommended for lovers of nature and hearty Franconian-Bavarian hospitality. The cycle route first follows the idyllic Anlauter Valley Cycle Path and ascends uphill before descending rapidly towards Weißenburg and onwards towards Treuchtlinngen/Wettelsheim. Overnight stays are in quality Bavarian guesthouses with beer gardens and hearty food.

We have two tours on offer for families:

  • The Lake District and the Altmühl Valley combine bathing fun in the Franconian Lake District with enjoyable cycling. You will also have the opportunity to discover the Roman town of Weißenburg, visit the Altmühl thermal baths in Treuchtlingen and visit the castle in Pappenheim which towers high above the valley.
  • We also have a completely new tour on offer. This tour lets you combine canoeing and cycling and is bound to be a special experience.  

Of course we also have something to offer cyclists who like to cycle at a faster pace: a six stage tour along the Altmühl and Danube from Rothenburg to Passau.

The Altmühl Cycle Path

Radweg-Reisen Trip
7 Nächte
Difficulty level: easy,
Ø 50 km
Many benefits included!
The Altmühl Cycle Path from € 479

Lake district and Altmuehl Valley

Radweg-Reisen Trip
Round trip from Gunzenhausen
5 nights, 3*-category
Difficulty level: easy,
Ø 35 km
Lake district and Altmuehl Valley from € 349

Altmühltal Nature Park

Radweg-Reisen Trip
Round trip from Kinding
5 nights, 2*-3*-category
Difficulty level: easy, Ø 50 km
Altmühltal Nature Park from € 329

Best Bits from Danube and Altmühl

Radweg-Reisen Trip
Round trip from Regensburg
6 nights, 3*-category
Difficulty level: easy,
Ø 58 km
Best Bits from Danube and Altmühl from € 499

Sportive Cycle Tour: From Rothenburg to Passau

Radweg-Reisen Trip
7 nights, 2*-3*-category
Difficulty level: intermediate, Ø 70 km
Sportive Cycle Tour: From Rothenburg to Passau from € 499

Hiking on the Altmuehl Valley Panoramic Path

Hiking Trip
8 nights, 2*-3*-category
Difficulty level: easy
New Tour!
Hiking on the Altmuehl Valley Panoramic Path from € 529

Short Hiking Tour On The Panoramaweg

Hiking Trip
4 nights, 2*-3*-category
Difficulty level: easy
New Tour!
Short Hiking Tour On The Panoramaweg from € 279